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Custom Solutions

What we really get excited about is developing one-of-a-kind tooling solutions using the latest cutting-edge technology. Nothing off the shelf. Nothing your competitors use. We provide tailor-made solutions for your specific needs.

The “custom” process begins face-to-face. We sit down with you to review your precise needs and your goals. What are the specifications of the project? What is your optimum run speed and feed? How long does this tool need to last (because your customers are not the only ones who want a quality product)? Did we mention that all of our products are made in America? That’s our promise and pride of workmanship showing through. It means quality, attention to detail, and a “can do” attitude.

Insert Tooling

Insert tooling is not always plug and play, especially when you consider factors such as set-up time, ease of use, and replacement costs. For your unique needs, check out our custom insert tooling, designed for accuracy, safety, and longevity.

Diamond Tooling

When exceptional wear resistance and low friction are key, you may want to consider precision diamond tooling using polycrystalline diamond particles (PCD). A little more expensive up front, specially designed diamond tooling can outperform carbide tools, reduce machine downtime, increase the quality of your products, and reduce your cost per manufactured part.

Examples of Custom Insert Tooling

  • Cutter heads for grooving

  • Planing and trimming heads

  • Glue joint and lock miter joint cutters

  • V-groove cutters

  • Planing cutter heads

  • Flooring cutters

  • Edge trimming heads

  • Door and cabinet door profile cutters

  • Panel rail cutters

  • Multi-profile cutters

  • Multi-profile router cutters

Advantages of Diamond Tooling

  • Superior wear resistance

  • Excellent surface finish

  • Good thermal conductivity

  • Longer tool life

Examples of Custom Diamond Tooling

  • Router bits

  • Straight and profile cutters

  • Groovers

  • Door and cabinet door profile cutters

  • Dovetail

  • Lock Miter

There is no custom solution if all you’re being given is a cookie-cutter product. Get the real thing.
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